Crafts, waterfun and white legs

How great are these sunny days we are having, I'm loving it.
Let me show you what we get up to on a day like that.
In the morning I keep my two munchkins entertained with some crafts.
Gives me the chance to quickly tidy the house while they create.
And I say quickly because they don't give me much time.
You know with getting new water for the paint, squirting more glue in the pot,
opening paint pots, cutting out cardboard shapes and looking at what they are doing.
"mummy look at this" is the most heard sentence in our house between ten and midday!
Dylan started this panda but couldn't quite get the hang of the scraping so now I can continue.
It's fun.
Yesterday the kids made paper plate faces

Emily also made a trinket box earlier this week, she's planning on keeping all her summer holiday
memories in there.

We've been spending our afternoons at the park, it's soooooo lovely out there.
The big trees provide loads of shade and the kids just love
playing in the water.
They also love splashing me, especially Dylan!

There is something about this boy and water
if there is water Dylan NEEDS to be in it

He went in up to his waist, no spare clothes (silly me, I should
ALWAYS carry spare clothes with me!)
Emily however was more interested in my necklace than the water for once
who can blame her!
It is a nice necklace.

It took a while but I did get it back, phew!

So, now that I have blinded you with my WHITE legs
I think it's only fair to round up this post.
Cheerio my friends!



Amy said...

That's so nice that you guys are having such great weather! Our mornings have been quite gloomy lately! Hey, question for you. How do you get your pictures so big? They look AWESOME, and I have no idea how to do that, haha. Hope you're enjoying your day :)

Kimberly said...

I am wearing that same necklace today but in turquoise.

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Hey Daisy--hope you had a great weekend. Just stopping by to let you know I picked you/your blog for the Liebster Award! Swing by and check it out :)

Angela said...

Great photos! Jade steals my jewlrey all the time, lol. And my son is a water boy too.
Is that first pic in a sun room? I love the big open windows, and the clothes hanging out on the line :) What a cozy home :) Have a great day!