Five thoughts and five finds.

I am using my crock pot for the very first time today.
At the moment I'm cooking a delicious beef stew, I'm so very
excited and can't wait for dinner tonight.
Expect to see loads of recipes in the future.
I have a feeling Christmas will be here and gone before we get to
enjoy it. I must admit I got really excited walking down isles in the
supermarket and seeing all the chocolate coated ginger bread stars and
other goodies but it's still so early in the season.
I bought the first stocking fillers today.
It's all the shop's fault, they shouldn't be selling these things already!
But I wanted to get those chocolates before they sold out, so yes.
I love cushions. My husband doesn't get it.
I have some new pretties in mind to adorn my sofas.
Yay for pretty cushions right!
I walked passed the school earlier and saw Dylan play football
with his friends. I actually stopped to watch him and it made
me so happy to see he was having so much fun.
Just made me want to go up and give him a cuddle.
Want to know what I've been drooling over this week?
Just check these out.
I love these decorated pumpkins, such a great idea.
I feel a project coming on.
Crock pot apple butter! Oh yes, I am SO making this!
How cute is this! I I had a baby girl I would definitely buy
this, it's just adorable.
Love this watch so much.
Wish my birthday wasn't so far away, this would make the perfect present.
Not just one but TEN ideas for pretty cushions...
and they have ruffles, and bows...oh heaven.
Think I might invest in some pretty fabrics soon.
Hope you like my selection this week.
Go and have yourself a wonderful Thursday OK.


My said...

Enjoyed reading! Pictures are very inspiring!!!

Please check out my first giveaway:)

Unknown said...

Love those pillows!!

I teach at the same school where my kids attend, and one of my favorite things to do is secretly watch them at recess.

There is just something sweet about watching how your kids play interact with others when you aren't around!

Olivia said...

So excited to have you as part of the book club! I have yet to use my crock pot but really need to get on it!! I love those pumpkins and cushions too! I am all about some ruffles and bows :)

Unknown said...

lovely post! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...that picture of the peanut butter. Yum. Now I'm starving.

I also have a bit of an obsession with couch pillows. I like to change them out regularly, but they are just so darn expensive!

Anonymous said...

I'm cooking dinner in our crockpot right now! We just started using ours, and its so crazy how much you can really make in those things!
Love that Fall decoration!
Those pillows are TOO cute!