First day

First day of school today, year 5 for Dylan and year 2 for Emily.
They were both so excited to go back and see all their friends again. They also really like
their new teachers and are very happy and that's all I really wanted...for them to be happy.
This morning Emily just couldn't wait to get out the door, she must have asked me about every five
minutes if it was time to go yet.
She helped me prepare the lunches and I think it made her feel very grown up, she really wants
to be very sensible now that's she's going into year 2.
Dylan had a very relaxed morning, he was most excited about his new school shoes, mainly
because he choose them all by himself this year.
When the time finally came we all walked to school as a family. Simon had a day off work today and it was so nice for the kids to have both of us accompany them on the first day.
Emily still likes to be dropped off at her class room but Dylan really wanted to walk to his class by himself, so he gave us a wave and off he went. Before he went in he looked back, gave me a smile and a thumbs up.
I've got a feeling it's going to be a good year!

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Unknown said...

Oh they look so sweet! xx