It was a fun day

Saturday was our village's annual fun day.
Unfortunately Simon had to work but the kids and I ventured out and we still had lots of fun together. The highlight for them were all the different rides and bouncy castles, I think Emily rode the roundabout about ten times, each time carefully choosing which animal she was going to ride on, the swan proved to be her favourite. Dylan on the other hand preferred the more adventurous activities such as the boxing ring, sumo wrestling and the bunji runner, it was so much fun to watch him!
One of my favourite stalls was the scout stall, Dylan had promised to help out for a bit so Emily and me went over for support...and did some sponge throwing while we were there. It's not often you get to throw wet sponges at your own child.
There were tons of other activities of course such as a boot fair, craft stalls, a hog roast and a live band, all of which we briefly visited before heading back home.
Oh, and no fun day would be complete without some sugary goods, got to love some candy floss!
Anecdote of the day:
On our way back home we stopped at our local super market and whilst browsing the isles Dylan said "Oh, I've just noticed I'm not wearing any shoes!"
Turned out he left them at the bouncy castle.


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Rebecca @Time to Simplify said...

We have county fairs here in texas and my kids love going. lots of rides and cotton candy(just like candy floss).