Friday, yes!

It's Friday and I am soooo happy!
This week has been crazy. I don't know if it's because we are still trying to get back into a school routine or because I went back to work, probably a combination of the two, but I feel like I haven't had a moment to myself. Mornings are hectic, they always have been. Kids need to be fed and dressed, lunches need to be made, book bags need to be ready and now I need to make myself more presentable than usual because of going to work. I wish I had a magic takes up so much time! I'm constantly looking for quick and easy hair do's...problem is when I try them they are never quick, nor do they ever end up looking like they are meant to. Clumsy hands.
I get back from work around lunch time which gives me a couple of hours to do laundry, pick up stuff around the house, hoover, wash dishes, dust, change bed sheets, clean bathrooms, fold laundry, sit down with a cup of coffee and go pick the kiddies up from school.
The rest of the day is just a blur of excited kids voices, homework, emptying bookbags, making dinner and a million other things.
I am happy it's Friday...weekend.
Tomorrow will be a pyjama morning, with pancakes maybe.
A day full of fun and cuddles.
How I am looking forward to that already.

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