Five thoughts and five finds

Today is my amazing husbands birthday!
I have planned a little get together tonight with the family so I will have
a busy afternoon cooking and baking. I still haven't made up my mind on whether I'm making
him a spongecake or a cheesecake...guess I will have to decide this quite soon.
On Sunday it's Emily's birthday. She is having a cake as well tonight, for this occasion
her cake is shop bought but for her actual party with friends I'm making cupcakes.
She is super excited!
It's spider season and I hate it, they seem to be dangling of everything these days.
We had a monster spider on our stairs last night. Normally Simon gets some tissue to pick it up but this time he had to get two big sheets of kitchen roll....A two sheet spider as he called it!
 A few weeks ago we tidied up the cupboard under the stairs (always makes me think of Harry Potter) and we now have a dedicated space for shoe storage. It made me come to the conclusion that my shoes take up about 75%, and I still have some shoes stored away in the wardrobe upstairs! So is it wrong for me to have my eye on a new pair of ankle boots? I think NOT.
I've been reading a lot lately, I especially seem to enjoy the Jack Reacher books. I do like a good hero. I was so disappointed however when we watched the movie...I fell asleep during it,
TWICE!!!  I just can't see Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, which brings me to think of the actors cast for Fifty Shades...not seeing that one either.
 Great advice, the ocean knows what she's on about!
 I love mustard and grey together, perfect outfit for autumn I say

 I looove his recipe, I think recipes should be handwritten a lot more often, there is something so nostalgic about it.

 I am hungry right now and I wouldn't mind one of these right now, no I would not!

 Sooo cute! I love ragdoll kittens

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NappiesINC said...

That Autumn Spiced Cider is calling my name! I want to curl up with a mug right now