What's in their lunch box today?

Every day I pack my kids a lunchbox ready for them to take to school.
Luckily they seem happy with what I prepare for them most of the time, sometimes however the lunchbox comes home with items not eaten.
I try to keep it as interesting as I can for them so they don't get tired of eating the same thing everyday. I try and swap different types of breads, sandwich fillings, snacks and yoghurt's and if I know I have a couple of spare minutes in the morning I even get out the sandwich cutters, it's amazing what a difference it makes when their sandwiches are shaped like hearts, flowers or animals!
Today the kiddies will find this in their lunchbox
Looking at it now I realise I might have gone a bit overboard today with the snacks. Crackers, jelly, penguin roll AND milky bar yogurt...whoops!
Not that I think the kids will complain, at all. I actually bought the jelly by mistake thinking they were yogurt tubes, that's what happens when you are rushing around the supermarket and not reading the labels properly.
I add little cheese crackers to their lunchbox every day and I also try to add some mini scotch eggs or cocktail sausages, my kids love finger foods like that.
Sandwiches usually have cheese and cucumber, ham or egg fillings, occasionally they will have peanut butter or jam and Emily really loves Bovril sandwiches.
Fruit wise I always add two varieties, cucumber or carrot sticks being one of them along with grapes, berries, satsumas, apples or dried fruits. Dried mango is a big favourite in our house.
They always have a biscuit, this week I bought penguin rolls but again there is so much variety, more often than not I let them choose what they would like when we go shopping or if I have the time I bake something myself. 
I'm sure there are a million more things I could do to keep their lunch interesting so if you know of anything please do let me know.
For now I am off to have my own lunch...

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