Pumpkin love

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Well, we have officially said goodbye to summer...and what a glorious summer it has been.
As much as I like warm sunny days, I feel I thrive in autumn.
I think it's all the warm jumpers, scarfs, crispy leaves, delicious hot drinks and pumpkins.
Oh don't get me started on pumpkins...
I think I did a little jig when we came across some in the shops the other day! 
I really had to resist myself from putting one in our trolley, won't be long though....pumpkin and red pepper soup is calling my name. 
Last year I bought some small ones for decorations and even though I'd love to do that again I'm kind off at a loss of what to do with them after. Can you dry them and keep, please let me know.
I've been looking at everything pumpkin related on Pinterest and here are my favourite ideas, decoration wise and food wise.
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Glitter pumpkin
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Pumpkin table setting idea
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Chalk board paint pumpkin
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Easy autumn decoration
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Melt in your mouth pumpkin cookies
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Sweet and smoky roasted pumpkin soup

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