Ramblings about the end of summer

I cannot believe summer is coming to an end!
Even though it's still sunny and warm during the day I can feel a change is near.
 One of the first things I do in the mornings is let the cat in and I have definitely felt a coolness in the air in the last week or so. I've been having to wear my robe again and my blanket is ready at hand for chillier evenings. I am kind of looking forward to autumn but I also don't want summer to end just yet. Winter didn't seem that long ago, I mean we were still wearing coats, scarves and hats when
we went to the beach late March!
Back in April or May Emily planted a sunflower seed in school. At the end of the school year all
the kids were given their pots with sprouting plants and we then planted it in a big pot
in our garden. It took all summer but it's finally flowering! This yellow flower is so pretty
to look at and makes me smile every time I go outside.
Only two more days until the kids go back to school!
We have done a lot of running around these past two weeks, getting
school uniforms sorted, buying new school shoes (can I just say how ridiculously expensive school shoes are!), choosing new lunchboxes, drink bottles, trainers and plimsolls, and some new
stationary for when the time comes for them to do their homework.
Last year homework was put on the table where in then stayed until the time came for them to do it
(after frantically searching for  pencils, rulers, erasers,...). This year however I  plan on being a
bit more organised when it comes to this.
 Maybe I can do a post about this in the near future...stay tuned!
Before I move on I just have to show you Emily's new lunchbox, it's so adorable!
She's crazy about owls as you might remember from this post so this lunchbox suits her
perfectly, also how adorable are those little containers! Perfect for crackers, fruits, salads or anything else I might want to put in there for her. Dylan wanted to use the same lunchbox as last year,
it was one of these sistema containers containers with different compartments so we changed his old one for a new version. If you are looking for a good versatile lunchbox I would definitely
recommend one of these!
This weekend we are having a party for both Simon and Emily's birthdays.
Their birthdays always signal the end of summer to me.
We've invited family over for dinner and cakes. Not sure yet what I will be serving
but thank God for Pinterest! Soooo may good ideas on there, I've been quite Pinterest obsessed
lately, spending more time on there than I should really. I'm always amazed when I look at the time
after, it's like a time warp! You can follow along and check what I've been pinning here.
Anyway summer, you've been good to us,
please don't be in too much of a hurry to go just yet!

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