When sick, think of happy things!

I really should be cleaning instead of sitting here writing this post, you see my house in in absolute shambles. Toys are everywhere, washing needs to be folded and put away, clothes and towels are thrown all over the bed and don't even get me started on the counter tops!
All this because I was out of action for one day.
Thanks migraine!
To all of you who've ever had migraines before, I can now sympathise with you. I honestly thought I was going to die, that's how bad it was.
So while I was feeling sorry for myself and drifting in and out of sleep (I might have had a dream about Squidward there, hmm)  my mind started wondering about little things that would make me happier. Here are just a few of them.
Coral pink statement necklace
I loooooooove this necklace....this will so go on my Christmas wish list!
Giraffe print scarf
I am a huge scarf person and this one would certainly make a good addition to my collection.
I can not tell you how many times I've added this to my online shopping basket...and then not bought it. I know this would look spectacular on my coffee table, so please, if you are feeling generous let me know and I'll mail you my shipping address.
I need this in my house, and that's it.
 Dipped leaf earrings
These are so perfect for the time of year.
 So there we go, just a few things to cheer me up.
I really need to go now, I've only got about an hour left to blitz this house before the kids get home and no doubt undo all my hard work. It's a good thing I love them so much!


Evelien said...

I haven't done anything in days! And I'm not even sick hahaha :) I guess I'll just blame the renovations, our house looks horrible at the moment...
And I love the candle tray!

Lauren said...

That statement necklace is fab!