Birthday fun

We've had a super busy weekend celebrating TWO birthdays
It was Simon's birthday on Friday and Emily turned seven on Sunday.
 Friday we had some family over for dinner and cakes and we all had a really good time.
If you read my previous post you will know I hadn't quite decided yet what cake to make, in the end I went for the cheesecake which was super delicious.
We also had a small cake for Emily, she was so excited!
Simon really enjoyed his birthday.
On her big day Emily woke us all up very early, but we didn't mind one bit, she had the biggest smile on her face and practically ran down the stairs to see all her presents.
Over the past few years we've always had the presents ready on the coffee table for when the kids come down in the morning. I'm guessing it has become somewhat of an expectation now because when I was tucking Emily into bed Saturday night she told me not to forget putting them ready on the table for her! One of her biggest birthday wishes was to have a Barbie house.
Wish granted.
She also loves aqua beads. We bought her a little packet over the summer and she has begged us to buy her a bigger pack ever since. She could sit for hours creating little masterpieces so we didn't have to think very hard about what else to get her.
She was so happy with them, they were opened straight away and Dylan immediately joined in. While they were busy creating we got breakfast ready.
Little miss likes croissants in the morning so that's exactly what she got.
After breakfast we went to the swimming pool. Emily looooooves swimming, she would go to the pool every day if she could. Uncles, aunts and little cousins joined in and we had a fun morning splashing around, watching her do dives in the pool and playing water games.
For lunch she asked for McDonald's, not my favourite choice but since it was her birthday we obliged.
In the afternoon her best friend came around for a play and the Barbies were introduced to their new home, it was so much fun to hear them play (and argue about who's Barbie Ken would fall in love with). We also had a visit from granddad and auntie Sam...and we had more cake!
 I would like to think my little seven year old had an excellent birthday!

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