Bedtime stories

Every night the kids and I snuggle up for a bedtime story. It's such a special time to me, I find it's the time of the day when they really open up. After school they are usually too busy to tell me all about their day, but those quiet moments before bed, when it's just them and me is when I get to hear all about it. After they are done telling me all the exciting things they got up to we settle down with a book.
When they were smaller it was me reading while they admired all the beautiful pictures in the books. As they got older and learnt to read our roles reversed, they are the story tellers now and I love hearing them read. Their voices are so cute, especially when they are putting on character voices.
Dylan is really into the Diary of a wimpy kid's books. I must admit, they are a fun read.
As a result of that he also enjoys the movies, both go hand in hand really. He's got all the books in the series so far but I am keeping my eye out for a new release every time I go into the bookstore.
Emily is my little bookworm. She has been fascinated by books ever since she was tiny and she really has taken to reading so well. I don't think she's ever read a book she hasn't liked.
One of the books she likes to read over and over is Peter Rabbit. What a great book!
We saw the play a few years back and she loved it so much, so when we got her the book she was over the moon. I think she reads it monthly.
Reading is such an important skill to have and I am so glad my kids cherish this special time together.

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Evelien said...

I'm sooo hoping our little girl will love to read :) I used to read every book I could get my hands on and went to the library about once a week to get a new stash hah!
At our wedding we got a fairy tale book with a note that it wasn't for us - it was for our future kids. It's one of my favourite gifts ever :)