Awkward and awesome

While reading one of my favourite blogs I came
across a great idea for my next post.

Let's start with AWKWARD:

 This photo above. What was I thinking?
I've got a couple of "gems" like this one. It's as
if my face can't stay straight whenever there is a camera
around. Notice also that behind me the bathroom door is open...
why on earth my dear husband took a picture of me at this
very moment is beyond me.

Yesterday the phone rang and a lady on the
other side asked if Mr was available.
I recognised the voice immediately and knew this
was my friend making
a prank call so I answered in a really sexy voice
saying Mr couldn't possibly come to the phone as he
was far too busy doing other things (wink wink).
You can imagine how embarrassed I was when it turned out the lady
on the other side wasn't my friend but someone
from the hospital confirming an appointment. Whoops!

The other day we were in the car, waiting at a red light and my
eye happen to fall on this guy walking by who at that
 moment put his hand down his pants, rearranged his
gentleman sausage and had
a good root around in there. NICE.
  I'm pretty sure this
was the look on my face when the light turned green!

Finding out that I look 70% like a GUY!
here's the proof
Claude and me, practically twins!


                                The cookies I made yesterday. They were DELICIOUS!!
Imagine chewy, chocolaty perfection.
I've only got one left, which I hid from the kids so
I can have it all to myself tonight once
they go to bed! Oh yes.

 My kids singing along to Lady Gaga on Sing star.
Hilarious doesn't even describe it!
Since they can't read that well and the text goes quite
fast there were a lot of mumbled words and the words
they did know were shouted out. It went a bit like this
humhumhumhumhumhum dododododo lalalalalala
So funny!
I promise I will record this next time.

My lovely friends coming around for an girly
afternoon. I always have so much fun with them and we
even made plans to go on a girls night out tomorrow.

My new running plan! I thought it was going to be hard
but it turns out it's going really well and I'm actually starting to
enjoy it. Who would have thought!
I'm feeling a lot fitter and my weighing scale
told me I'm 3 pounds lighter, whoop whoop!!

Finding out I do NOT look like a guy at all!
86% Jessica Biel, now that's more like it!
Turns out all I had to do was change the photo.
I tried the photo at the top of this post as well.
No matches were found, hahaha!

My friends and me had a lot of fun" posing"
for all these. Face in the hole, funniest
thing ever!
Yes, Baby Spice that's me!
Beyonce's dancer
Baby 3, with a suspiciously full looking nappy.

My little Emily cuddling up to me while I read her
a bedtime story and afterwards telling me
she loves me and that I smell like a rose.

The vampire diaries.
What's not awesome about that right!
Those Salvatore boys can drop by anytime!


And that's a wrap!

You're still awake right?!

Happy Thursday everyone xxx


Unknown said...

hahaha i love that picture of the baby! and i cannot believe that man and his hand! talk about inappropriate! happy thursday!!

Amy said...

Yumm those cookies look awesome! And that's so funny about "Just Dance!" I remember trying to sing along to that when it first came out and only knowing those two words, haha. Happy Almost Friday! :)