Weekend Memories #2

I always look forward to Friday, the start of the weekend. By the time 3 o'clock  rolls around and I finish work I can literally feel myself relaxing. It had been one of those weeks where I really hadn't enjoyed work all that much so you can only image how happy I was to walk out that door.
The weekend, as always, went by way too fast, and no matter how long we try and hold on to that Sunday, Monday always comes. 
I gave the kitchen a bit of a spring clean on Saturday. I wish I had a bit more time during the week and I do try and fit some chores in every day, but clutter creeps up fast. I wiped, organised, polished and even cleaned the kitchen windows.

Aren't my orchids looking pretty?!
They bloom around this time every year and I always find they really brighten up the place.

I really like my little spice tray. It's not really meant to be one I guess, but as soon as I saw it in the shop I knew what I would use it for. I love finding little treasures like that.
The kids would spend their life behind their computer screens so we decided to take them out and go for a walk. It was a bit of a dreary day and the chill got to me when I got out of the car but it was so lovely to be out of the house and spend some time as a family. 

We decided to go to Samphire Hoe which is not all that far from us and perfect for blowing away the cobwebs. It's quite an amazing place really. It's reclaimed land created when they were digging the Eurotunnel. It consists of a seawall and nature reserve. We love going there in summer and usually tie it in with a beach visit. Saturday however was way too cold for the beach!


It really was a lovely afternoon out. Sometimes you just need a bit of fresh air.

Sunday came quicker than expected.
The morning was spend pottering around the house while Simon and Dylan were cutting back some bushes in the garden. Emily went out as well, to help with our beehive inspection. Simon and her have been keeping bees for nearly a year now and I'm so proud of how knowledgeable she is about it all.

In the afternoon we we went to Simon's brother as it was his birthday. It was nice to catch up with everyone and have some cake. Cake is always nice though isn't it. Even when you're on a diet.

I didn't end up taking any photos but I did take one of our dinner which was amazing!

Pulled pork made in the slow cooker. 
Definitely a recipe that will be repeated many if times in this household. 

It's Sunday evening now. I'm snuggled under a blanket on the sofa. I'm already in pyjamas and the kids are about to go to bed. I can't believe the worst day of the week is just a sleep away.

Hurry up again Friday!


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