Slimming world update #2

This was my second week of Slimming World and it's gone quite well. I've not really struggled and managed to stay on plan all week, even when my husband and daughter made the nicest looking millionaires shortbread. Well ok, I had the tiniest corner you can imagine and kept the rest for after my weigh in later that week. It's the only day I have a treat without counting syns really.

We've had some super tasty meals and I'm really trying to stretch myself when it comes to recipes we've not had before. I'm not a picky eater by any means, but do find I cook the same meals quite regularly, probably out of convenience, so it's been nice to think outside the box.

One of my favourite recipes this week was the Surf & Turf stir fry.

Seriously, this was soooo good and I'll definitely be making it again.
It was very filling, full of speedy veggies and best of all completely syn free!

Talking about syns, I had a few more than in my first week.
I usually end my days at around 10 syns, which is not bad considering I'm allowed 15 a day, but this week I had a few days where I maxed out.
It's the snacking at night that got to me a bit, and I definitely have to look around for a few healthier alternatives. There's only so much fruit I can eat without wanting a biscuit or chocolate after all!

Breakfast wise I've switched it up a bit as well this week and my favourite was Chocolate and Orange overnight oats. OMG where has this been all my life!

This was super easy to make and seriously tasty. I made enough to last me two days and I found that one those days I was full a lot longer in the mornings. Having such a filling breakfast stopped me grabbing for my 10 o'clock snack. I'm planning on making more overnight oats this coming week  I've found so many amazing recipes and can't wait to try them all. While browsing for breakfast ideas I came across some waffles and pancake recipes...who knew you could have all this on Slimming World right! Watch this space for what will probably be an overload in pancakes and waffles pictures and recipes.

I've stuck to drinking water and have even been taking my HydrateM8 to work, just need to remember to take more sips. I've flavoured my water with lemon and lime slices for that touch of flavour.

So, how much did I lose this week?

Not as much as I'd hoped but still, a loss is a loss and this means I'm now a whole two pounds lighter than I was two weeks ago.
In the end it all adds up.

Hoping for another loss at my next weigh in.


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