Slimming World update #1

It's been a week since I've rejoined Slimming World and yesterday was my first weigh in. 

I always meet up with my colleague and I can't tell you how nice it is to have someone at work who is doing the same. You see, before Slimming World, when work got a bit boring, or the days were dragging it was so easy to nip to the corner shop and get a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps, and it became quite a normal thing. 
Now we eat fruit, talk about various mug shot flavours, get excited about new HiFi bars and yoghurt flavours and when we do want to stray to an ever so nice looking biscuit we have each other for support.

I've never stayed to group before, not even when I did Slimming World before. I usually arrive a bit early, chat to some of the ladies, gossip with my colleague, stock up on some Hifi bars (and sometimes recipe books) and line up to get weighed. I would like to stay and see what happens in group though, maybe in the next few weeks.

When it was my turn to stand on that scale I got quite excited. I was hoping for a good loss and the result wasn't disappointing at all. My colleague and I actually had the same loss. What a coincidence!

That is 1.5 pounds closer to my target!
I couldn't be happier.

I haven't found this first week back hard at all. I've really enjoyed coming up with exciting recipes, eating healthier, choosing better options for snacks and I've most definitely had my five a day in fruit and veg.

We've had some really nice dinners actually. There's been pasta, stir fry, curry, bacon, chips and guess what? All of them were completely syn free!

I've made up a meal plan for this following week so do keep an eye on my Instagram page @daisyspratley should you be interested, I'll share it over the weekend.

I found that going back to basics and writing down everything I eat has really helped me stay on track this week.
Ive been using the food diary sheets that came in my welcome pack and knowing exactly what I've been eating, wether it was naughty or nice, has meant I've never gone over my daily syn allowance. Last time I did Slimming World I didn't do this and it's surprising how much you'll forget. Syns quickly add up and not keeping an eye on them can really hinder your weightloss.

I have had treats ofcourse. Anyone who knows me, knows I've got a huge sweet tooth.
This week my favourites have been the Rocky Road Hifi bars, some banana fritters I made and Options Strawberry hot chocolate. The hot chocolate has been an evening thing, it really satisfied my chocolate craving and at only two syns there really wasn't much to complain about! 

This comingweek I want to focus on my water intake and make my work lunches a bit more interesting. I tend to have the good old mugshot for lunch and while they are ok I'm afraid I'll end up in a mug shot rut. So switch it up I will! Variety is definitely the key.
Here's hoping for another good loss next Thursday. Wish me luck!

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