Here we go...again

Well hello there, it's been a while.
First of all let me wish you a happy year, I hope 2018 will be the year all your hopes and dreams come true.

Just like the rest of the world I've made some new year resolutions, and I'm really hoping I can stick to them and that I won't have forgotten about them by the time February rolls around.

One of those resolutions is to start this blog up again and really stick to it.
I know, I know, it's been over a year since I've shown my face around here (hangs head in shame), but I originally started this blog as a bit of a diary / memory bank for us to look back on and I can't believe I haven't documented the past year as we've done so many amazing things. I do love looking back on old posts and gushing over how little and cute the kids were. Not that they're not cute now....just teenagers!

I'm definitely planning on bringing back the weekend posts, they were always my favourite to write and look back on. Not that our weekends are all that exciting or anything. I mean we do have the occasional outing which always makes for exciting posts, but even weekends at home can be quite comforting and nice to look back on.

As a slimming world member I'll also be bringing you weekly updates. I haven't been to group for nearly two months now so when I go back on Thursday it'll feel like starting all over again! No doubt weight wise too. (Did I really eat THAT many chocolates and mince pies?)

Weekly menus, who doesn't like a nosey a what other people are eating. This will tie in nicely with Slimming World too so hopefully I can bring you some inspiration.

For now those will be the three main categories although no doubt there will be more things I'll want to share with you. Things that make me excited, travel, days out, crafts and so on. Some things I love, you may not and that's ok. I just hope that somewhere along the line I can inspire you and that you'll enjoy my ramblings, recipes, ideas and daily life. 
See you all soon 


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