Rejoining Slimming World

Last  Thursday I decided to rejoin Slimming World. 
I originally joined back in April and managed to lose just over a stone which was amazing! But then we went on holiday, and I fully intended on enjoying our time away and not be too restricted by syns. We went on holiday to Austria which is not exactly the land of carrot sticks and cucumbers. Carb loaded dishes and pastries more likely. 
When we returned home I was actually quite surprised to find out I'd only put on two pounds, considering all the sweet treats I had consumed. Must have been all those mountain walks. Those apple strudel calories never stood a chance!
Putting on only two pounds did give me some sort of false hope though. I could eat and not gain all that much...great.
So slowly the pounds crept back on.
I kept telling myself I'd return in the new year, and that's exactly what I did.

Last Thursday was the day I returned. I felt a bit sheepish to be honest, thinking I would be judged but I shouldn't have worried at all. Everyone was just as welcoming as that first time I walked through those doors.

When you originally join Slimming World you get a welcome pack which contains all the information you could possibly need, along with a booklet in which your weekly losses/gains get recorded. I'm hoping for lots of losses this time around! 

Back in April I set a target weight and a club 10 weight. The club 10 weight is the weight you'll reach after losing 10% of your original body weight.
Our team leader gave me the choice of continuing on with my old booklet or starting over completely, which is what I decided on.
It's always nice to start afresh isn't it.

I set my new target and I'm raring to go.
I'm aiming on losing two stone this time around, which I think is quite achievable.
I'm lucky enough to have a colleague who's also a slimming world member, so there's plenty of encouragement at work.

Being member also gives you access to the slimming world app which is amazing. I use it on a daily basis for checking up on syns or meal ideas.

I also love the slimming world magazine which I've picked up and already got my eye on a few new recipe books. 

These first few days back on plan have been great. I haven't found it hard at all although I must admit I felt quite hungry the first day. I've gone from snacking throughout the day on biscuits and chocolates to snacking on much healthier options and my stomach was rebelling a bit. But as out leader said, fill up on the good stuff instead.
And that's just what I have been doing.

I've decided to share my weekly updates as I think it will give me an extra push and keep me more motivated to keep going.
You can follow daily updates over on my  Instagram page should you be interested, or even if you just wanted to come wish me luck.
Come and find me @daisyspratley
See you all soon
I'm of to make a chicken tikka for dinner, slimming world style.

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