Weekend memories #1

I can't believe Christmas is well and truly behind us now.
It's Monday and the kids went back to school today after nearly three weeks off (for them, sadly not for me) and it's amazing how quickly we adapted from lazy mornings to the crazyness school mornings can bring. Just like that we fell back into our routine.
We did still have a little bit of Christmas this first weekend of the year though.
You see we went to the pantomime.
We got up early on Saturday as we were meeting up with Simon's family outside the theatre. We were booked in to see the morning show and after treating the kids to some popcorn and a drink we went in to find our seats.
We didn't have to wait too long for the show to start and it was amazing!
We do love a good pantomime and this one didn't disappoint at all.
It had all the classic pantomime fun and jokes along with some amazing acrobats, fire, pop classics and visual effects. I kept looking sideways at the kids and although they are in that teen/pre-teen stage now where they do get easily embarrassed and taking part is seen as utterly uncool they did have fun and joined in, especially towards the end when Peter Pan came flying over the crowd!

We were lucky enough to meet two of the actors after the show and both were really lovely. It was so nice of them to take some time out to talk to us.
Samantha Dorrance played Wendy, you might recognise her from the Mr Tumble movie and Shaun Williamson (Barry from EastEnders) played Captain Hook. My little niece went all shy, bless her.

I was really happy when someone suggested we'd go to wagamama for lunch.
I ended up having the Katsu curry and it was so good! The kids both had their usual wagamama dish which is the cod cubes and Simon decided on the vegetarian Katsu curry which really surprised us all, he's not normally one for choosing the vegetarian option! 

After a quick dash around a few more shops we returned home and my little niece came with us. She wanted to spend some time with Emily which was so sweet of her.
The girls ended up baking the most delicious cookies.

The rest of the day just went by in a blur.
We were busy with everything and nothing at the same time and before we knew it it was time to go to bed.
Sunday started slowly, like Sunday's should, with coffee and breakfast.

I decided to blitz the kids bedrooms. This had been a job long overdue and something I just wanted to get over and done with. After Christmas with its new supply of games, trinkets and "clutter" there was no better time really. I ended up with four (FOUR!) bags for the skip. 
Even though their rooms are still fuller than an egg they somehow seem a lot more organised. Emily is the artist/creative brain of our family and she's forever creating new artwork and I'm sure I can run an art supply shop from her room alone! Needless to say all this creating does make a lot of mess and thousands of pieces of scrap paper.
Sunday was also the day of getting ready for school again.
Uniforms were ironed and bookbags were made ready. We decided to forgo the Sunday roast and settled on a delicious stir fry, slimming world friendly ofcourse, and the homemade crispy chicken pieces went down a treat.

The evening came quickly and Simon and I started watching a series on Netflix. It's one I've seen mentioned on Gogglebox quite a lot so we decided to give it a go.
Dr. Foster
Have you watched it?
We've seen two episodes so far and I'm really into it.

Can't wait to watch some more.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. 
I'm counting down to Friday already


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