Welcome to Emily's room

Our kids rooms seem to be constantly changing. Part of this is because they are growing up and toys that were once loved are now stored away, the other part is my constant wish to move things around and chance little bits and pieces. As I am writing this post I already have loads of these little bits in mind, oh yes...changes are coming this way!
Dylan's room is the one that need most work. He's ten now so changing from little boy to pre-teen (eeeeek) and I feel he is starting to outgrow his room big time.
So yes, I have big plans.

But for now let's have a look in Emily's room.

She's seven and really likes her room. During the day her favourite teddies wait  for her on top of her bed, she's had that pink little teddy ever since she was a few weeks old and it's her absolute favourite!
Her bookcase doubles as a bedside table and on top is her bunny light and the bunny that hold her earrings, as well as some snow globes (and at nighttime a cup of water).
Above is a goodbye card her old school friends made for her when we moved. She was in reception year back then (year 2 now) but she loves that card and often opens it to read all the names inside, trying to remember who was who.

She used to have a flower light above her bed. I need to put that back up urgently and I also need to buy a pretty valance to hide the spare mattress under her bed.

The other side of her room is dedicated to her toy boxes and chest of drawers.
I labelled those boxes to make tidy up time easier, especially when she has friends over who don't always know where toys go. Does it work? Sometimes.
The bigger pieces go on top. I'm planning on buying some pretty boxes to hide some of them.

She has some of her artworks on the wall. These need to be changed so badly. I think they are from when she was still in preschool! I am planning on buying different frames and completely updating this!
In the corner is her fairy mobile, Possibly one of my favourite things in her room.

On top of her dresser is a calendar which gets played with all the time and her owl money box which for some reason seems impossible to open. She's also got a basket with some favourite soft toys and you can also see her tooth fairy pillow peeking out from the front.

Emily is a real collector, anything small and mostly animal related will find a home on her window sill!
Dusting is a real chore in this room, hahaha.

I adore those two frames. Loads of people ask if I made them, and even though I'd like to take credit I didn't. This little corner in her room is one of the things that will undergo a big change. The Disney princess dressing table will have to go. She never uses it apart for dumping things on top and it always looks so messy. I'm planning on turning this space into a reading corner which I think she will love and use all the time!

Can't wait to show her room when it's all finished.



Alex Gladwin said...

Such a pretty room!

Alex :) x

Unknown said...

The fairy mobile is lovely.