A little Monday wish list

It's Monday afternoon. 
I'm home from work, kids are at school, Simon is at work and it's a beautiful sunny day. Perfect time to go out into the garden and pick up that book up I started reading just after Christmas!
But yet, here I am with the iPad on my lap multitasking between Blogger, Instagram, Twitter, eBay and a million other web pages.
Seems like the perfect opportunity to share some of my current wish list items with you.
Who knows, you might feel inspired for a last minute Mothers day present or just find something to add to your very own fabulous wishlist!
Number ONE
I'm in desperate need for a new wallet. My current one has a rip in the coin section and I'm not particularly enjoying having to empty out my bag contents when paying at the supermarket just to find some coins I may or may not have.
I absolutely love this Cath Kidston little birds wallet and have had my eye on it for a while.
Enough space for cards, cash and coins plus it looks super cute!
Definitely my number one wish list item at the moment!


Number TWO
Whenever I walk into Boots I just can not resist paying a visit to the perfume counter and trying out a few testers. About a month ago I sprayed Dot by Marc Jacobs and ever since it's the one I keep going back to. Really really loving it. Also, how cute is that bottle!!

Number THREE
I love pretty storage boxes to hide clutter that would normally lie around the house.
While browsing eBay I came across these pretty boxes. Definitely a worthy wish list item. They would look really pretty on my bookshelf (I am planning on painting my bookshelf white, anyone else done something similar before, if so please let me know how it went)


Number FOUR
A new coat.
I walked into a painted wall and have a permanent paint stain on my arm.
I can't say I'm particularly impressed with that and I'm not too happy whenever I have to wear it out.
A new coat would definitely make me happy.
I have YET to find one, but I'm definitely thinking spring colours.
Mint green maybe?

Number FIVE
Last week I picked up a new Yankee Candle. I absolutely loveeeeeee these candles and the most recent one I picked up is Bunny Cake.
So far I have resisted burning it as I want to keep it for nearer to Easter.
Needless to say I think these bunny ears would look beyond adorable on top of my candle jar!


Well ok, time for me to go and enjoy some sunshine out in the garden and catch up on that book!
Don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE.
Good luck if you do!

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