Hotel Chocolat Review - You Crack Me Up Easter Egg

Back in December I did a review for Hotel Chocolat, which you can read here, so I was over the moon when they asked me if I wanted to do another review for one of their Easter chocolates.
Having the kids in mind I choose the You Crack Me Up extra thick Easter egg.
I just loved all the adorable figures and knew they would be delighted as well.

One of the first things I noticed was the careful wrapping and packing.
Having broken eggs is not a lot of fun and Hotel Chocolat does keep that in mind!
The egg itself came in a gorgeous and sturdy box, which Emily has already laid claim to, no doubt to store some of her many treasures. 

The main star here is of course the chocolate which is just so delicious.
I would recommend everyone who reads this to head over to their nearest Hotel Chocolat shop or go to their website and have a look at their egg-citing (see what I did there, haha) Easter range. You won't regret whatever you add to your basket and you certainly won't regret eating it.

So, back to the You Crack me Up Easter egg.
Both shells are made from their delicious blend of 40% milk chocolate and high cocoa white chocolate.
It makes for the creamiest and smoothest chocolate ever.
Me and my camera were to slow to capture them, before I could blink they were gone.
Blame it on this munchkin and her dad!

I really wish you could have been here to hear the exciting squeals as my kids saw the adorable figures.
Both of them immediately pointed out which ones they wanted to try and continued on to read the menu to find out what was inside these delightful pralines.

Chocolate brownie, milk praline fried egg, smooth caramel bow tie bunny
white soldiers, milk chocolate chick, crunchy praline

I can tell you right now, each and every one of them was delicious!
Full of flavour, creamy and chocalicious.
The kids and husband were of course more than happy to help me sample them and we each had a different favourite.

Simon's favourite was the chocolate brownie, which had crispy chocolate butter cream encased in milk chocolate.
Emily's was the white soldiers, a creamy white chocolate soldier pre-dipped with a dollop of creamy chocolate yolk.
Dylan's was the smooth caramel bow tie bunny, a dapper Easter bunny cast in smooth and sensual caramel milk chocolate.
Mine was the crunchy praline, crunchy biscuit pieces and praline encased in mocha chocolate. I could have easily eaten a whole box of these!

As a family we really enjoyed this Easter egg. Its so much more tastier and a lot more fun than the Easter eggs found in the supermarket.
If you want to make someones Easter extra special this year then I would seriously recommend this egg.
Fun for adults and children and oh so tasty.
It retails at £28 and you can buy it here or at your local Hotel Chocolat store.

I was sent this Easter egg by Hotel Chocolat for reviewing purposes and would hereby like to thank them for this opportunity!
All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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