Spring cleaning anyone?!

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We have been so lucky with the weather this past week and all of a sudden it's turned into spring. Flowers and blossoms are everywhere and I'm loving it!
It's a great time to feel motivated, especially around the home, and organising and spring cleaning has been on my mind.
We have a basic weekly cleaning schedule and do keep on top of most chores. There are however always little things that get neglected and could do with a little extra attention now that the weather is getting better. The garden for instance, or the patio, garden furniture, outside windows or the front door area. When spring comes around I love having flowers by our front door, oh and the hanging flower baskets need some attention too.
It's also the season to refresh and declutter, put those winter coats and boots away and swap them for some lighter jackets and shoes, root through wardrobes and really decide whether or not we want to keep, sell or donate some of the items.

Some jobs can be a bit of a drag sometimes but play some music and find some cute cleaning essentials and you can turn something boring into something really fun.

Caddy found here, sponges found here, gloves found here

Well, I'm definitely feeling inspired!
Here's to a cleaner and fresher home.


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