Get excited for Christmas

  Every year when December arrives it's a mad rush to get things sorted for Christmas.
Every year when December arrives I promise myself that I will be more prepared the following year.
Every year when December arrives that hasn't happened.
Until now.
I have decided to do a weekly series on how I get ready in time for Christmas. I'm hoping this will not only encourage myself to get my bootie in gear but also others, aiming to have a more organised Christmas.
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10 weeks to go
(Oct 16 - Oct 22)
With only 10 weeks to go it's time to start getting ideas for you Christmas menu, drinks and snacks you might want to serve. We usually have special little treats in the house all through December, you never know who might pop in unannounced and it's always nice to have goodies handy.
Pinterest is a real treasure trove for finding delicious Christmas snacks. Do read the recipes as you pin as you might come across ingredients you have to order in.
Here are some of my favourite finds. I'm not making these just yet, but when the time comes I'll know exactly where to find them. All these recipes are pretty straight forward so ideal for when the kids want to help out.
Refrigerator cookie recipe
What could be easier! Make these ahead of time, pop in your fridge or freezer and save time when visitors arrive.
Triple Christmas fudge
Now this one I'm extremely excited about, I looooove fudge and it's something that keeps for a couple of days so ideal.
Nutter Butter Snowmen
I made these last year and they were delicious. I had to order the nutter butter biscuits of Ebay as they don't sell them here in the UK, so plan ahead if you intend on making these.
 Oreo truffles
These are my very own Oreo truffles, I made them last year and they were a big hit!
I will post the recipe for these later this week.
Another thing to do this week is keep an eye out for more stocking fillers. Pick up little games, toiletries or sweets you might want to add. It's always a good idea to check how full the stocking is getting so you know exactly how much more to buy.
Please join me again next week.

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Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Those nutter butter snowmen look AMAZING!