Get excited for Christmas

Every year when December arrives its a mad rush to get things sorted for Christmas.
Every year when December arrives I promise myself that I will be more prepared the following year.
Every year when December arrives that hasn't happened.
Until now.
I have decided to do a weekly series on how I get ready in time for Christmas. I'm hoping this will not only encourage myself to get my bootie in gear but also others, aiming to have a more organised Christmas.
12 weeks to go
( October 2nd - October 8th)
Send out emails to family members asking what their plans are for Christmas. Once you know it will be a lot easier to make a plans.  If you are planning on having a Christmas meal at your house, now might be the time to let guests know.
Start a presents list. Write down everyone you are buying a gift for and if you already know what you are getting them write that down too. It will make it easier to set a budget that way. My kids are forever browsing gift catalogues crossing off what they want, which makes it easy as I immediately know prices too.
Find out if family members or friends are doing a secret Santa gift exchange. If so, start organising who is in on this.  Elfster is a good website to use for this.
If you are planning on going out for a Christmas meal ( whether it's with family, friends or work related) now might be the time to make restaurant bookings.
Write down a quick list of who you are sending Christmas cards to this year. This will make it easier when the time comes to buy the cards.
Make travel arrangements if you are planning to go away for Christmas.
Start thinking about what you are putting in the kids stockings and pick something up for them this week, I always start with buying some chocolates.
Santa's list template found here
Completely unrelated to Christmas but something I am preparing for as well this week is Halloween.
Every year we go on a costume hunt for the kids just days before, often resulting in them not really getting the costume they wanted. This week I will be finding out what or who my kids want to dress up as. Most supermarkets sell some really nice Halloween outfits and it's better to get them early, while they still have them. If not Ebay is a great source and getting these now allows for them to get here in time.
Join me next week for part 2

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Evelien said...

This is such a great idea! I totally got excited ;-) Especially since it'll be our first Christmas in our own home. Can't wait to start decorating!
But did you say 12 weeks? That doesn't leave me a lot of time to get this thesis finished, whoops...