Get excited for Christmas

  Every year when December arrives it's a mad rush to get things sorted for Christmas.
Every year when December arrives I promise myself that I will be more prepared the following year.
Every year when December arrives that hasn't happened.
Until now.
I have decided to do a weekly series on how I get ready in time for Christmas. I'm hoping this will not only encourage myself to get my bootie in gear but also others, aiming to have a more organised Christmas.
Read part 1 here
11 weeks to go
(October 9th -15)
By now you should have a good idea whom you need to buy presents for so it's the perfect time to set a precise budget and maybe start putting some money aside for this.
Have a look at your calendar and check if you will need to buy extra presents for birthdays, if so budget them in too. It's Dylan's birthday in December so we will definitely have to keep that in mind, along with planning him a birthday party.
If you are making homemade gifts or cards start getting supplies now. I love those jars filled with cookie ingredients that seem to be all over Pinterest these days, they make perfect presents for teachers or neighbours. Last year I left it until the last minute and couldn't find suitable jars. Won't happen again!
Keep a calendar handy at all times to circle in any Christmas party invites you get.
Start looking for nice cards and wrapping paper.
Buy some more stocking fillers. Last week I picked up chocolates, this week I will pick up some bath  fizzers and small bath toys.

Planning on going to a Christmas market in Germany or France? Start looking into it and possibly make a booking. is a good website for info on this.
Halloween wise it's time to stock up on sweets, check decorations, plan costumes and decide if you are throwing a Halloween party or not. If so send out invites and start browsing for exciting snacks and drinks to serve. There are some amazing ideas to be found on Pinterest.
Remember remember the 5th of November...Bonfire night! Most shops have started selling fireworks so have a look around.

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