It's been a busy few weeks

I'm feels like ages since I've been on here and well, it doesn't only feel like ages it HAS been ages! I've just been so busy lately and I literally haven't had the time.
So what has been going on?
Let me show you the best way I can...with photo's!
 My two very best friends came to visit me for a weekend and it was so nice to see them again! We all live in different towns, quite far away from each other and we meet up every few months which is always a lot of fun! This time was quite a surprise for me because although I knew Paloma was coming...I had no idea Sue was coming as well and when she jumped out in front of me I was so surprised I burst out crying!

Emily had to build a Tudor house for one of her homework projects and even though she is quite the little artist she still needed a bit of help. I'm so proud of her hard work, I think her little house looks amazing!

All that homework makes for a tired girl who sleeps with a bowl on her head! Just a funny photo I HAD to share.

I've been doing a lot of cleaning and sorting out, luckily I had Luigi and Kitty to help me out with all the housework!

Halloween outfits....the kids went to a disco at school which they absolutely loved and sadly that's about all we did this year for Halloween. The kids were a bit disappointed we didn't go trick or treating BUT we did go to a birthday party instead.
Two kittens. Oh, we got a new kitten by the way! His name is Milo and he's so sweet. Emily has taken it upon herself to mother him ALL THE TIME...we sometimes have to remind her he is indeed an animal.

 More homework. Dylan was learning about ancient Greece and one of his projects was to make a Greek temple. Thank God for Pinterest and easy temple making ideas! This was actually not hard to make, it just included a lot of wrapping up cereal boxes in white paper which turned out to be my contribution to the temple.

Annnd more homework, this time Dylan had to make a Greek newspaper. He really loved this task and I think he did amazing!
Bad quality photo I know, but a very exciting one. Emily doing her Brownies promise.
She loves going to Brownies!

My two boys relaxing! I really like this photo. as you can see I went shopping....and it was raining....and I caught the wrong bus so I had to walk quite far....and then the bag ripped as I was crossing a busy road!!! Paper bags and rain is a big NO NO! On the bright side, I did get some great pyjama's!
 I took the kids to the park, got to be done while the weather is still ok!
We went on the lift down the cliff....Emily loved it, Dylan wasn't too sure!

Onesies seem to rule our house these days!
I had a haircut. The long hair was getting a bit to impractical for work so I had quite a bit taken off. Pleased with the result so far as it's so much easier to style in the morning.

And that is it...that's what's been keeping me so busy these past few weeks.

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Evelien said...

Glad to see you're back :)
I was missing the christmas posts!