What's in my little Primark bag?

Yesterday afternoon I took a little trip to town and just happen to wander into 
I love Primark this time of year because they have so many amazing goodies, I mean Helloooo warm comfy fleecy winter pyjamas! If you haven't already got one of these I would  strongly suggest you head down there and get yourself some...the chilly winter evenings will feel a lot warmer and cosier for it.
So what could be in my little bag??
No, not pyjama's, I already picked those up a few weeks back.
This time my eyes happen to fall upon their sock section and I just couldn't resist
picking a few up.
I love socks, socks with cute designs that is...don't come to me with plain socks! Hmmm, don't even think I own a pair of those.
It took me a while to make my decision (that was my husbands opinion anyway), there were just way too many, but in the end this is what I went for.

They are soft, thick and thermal (and cheap!) and my feet will thank me for it when the snow comes.
Do you love Primark, if so I would love to hear what you last bought.

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Evelien said...

I've heard there's a Primark coming to Gent in the very near future :)
These socks are way too cute!