My day so far

I don't know about you but I've been finding it very hard to get motivated today.
You can hardly blame me though, I mean it's July
and this is what greeted me when I opened the curtains this morning.

A drab grey rainy horrible cold morning.

Dylan is going on a school trip to an orchard farm today.
I just hope it will stay dry when they are touring the grounds and
picking the fruits.
I think they might spend some time inside the farm house, Dylan
told me they are going to bake apple pies with the apples they pick.
He'd better save a piece for me.
Hmmm, apple pie.
Anyway, I packed his wellies and his raincoat, stuffed it all in a
backpack and sent him off to school wishing him a super fun day.
Can't wait to hear all about it when he gets back.

Emily couldn't quite find her motivation either this morning

For the first half hour of the day she wasn't "feeling very well".
I think she was hoping to pull of a sicky.
When I told her no going to school meant no Rainbows tonight she quickly
perked up and ten minutes later she came running up the stairs telling
me she was ready to get dressed.

After I dropped off the kiddies and got back home I quickly tidied
the house. You know the drill, putting away dishes, hoovering floors,
wiping counter tops and the table, picking up stuff that doesn't belong where it was
left, emptying the washing machine and folding the laundry and so on.
I find it so much easier to relax when everything is clean and in its place.
Only downside? As soon as the kids and husband walk through the door
items start reappearing EVERYWHERE!
At least for now the living room looks tidy.

So this is where I am sitting right now, laptop on the table and enjoying a cup
of hot chocolate and some freshly baked croissants.
It looks something like that

I must remember thank my kids later for leaving fingerprints all over the laptop!

So that's it, that's all I've been doing so far today.
Later on I will brave the weather, go to the shop and get something for
tonight's dinner. I'm thinking chicken casserole.
I will also get a BIG bar of chocolate and my afternoon will be
spend watching a good movie until the kids are back.
sounds good to me!

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Cathy Kennedy said...

The grey rainy morning you woke to sounds pretty good to me after such horrible heat here on the east coast in America. Ugh! I'm so ready for autumn. lol I'm a bit curious, you said your kiddos have a school outing. Do schools not break during the summer months in England? Just curious. =D Great to link up with today via Random Tuesday Thoughts. ^.^

Now following ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

It was a rainy morning in Trinidad too. :( When I woke up I wasn't in the mood to go to work either. The rain cleared up around mid morning, so the kiddies and I are spending the morning cleaning the classroom toys.

Thanks for coming by and following The Things We Find Inside. I am now following you as well.


Anonymous said...

That's what our weather has been looking like too. I can't figure out what happened to Summer!
Hope your little guy has a great time on his field trip, and brings you home a slice of apple pie :D
I know that feeling - you spend hours cleaning, and it only takes minutes of the kids and hubby to be home and it looks like you didn't clean at all. Haha!
Hope your week gets a little sunnier!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I am having a hard time getting motivated too! That stinks that you're having that weather!

Unknown said...

Here from the blog hop (and followeing!)
i'd love for you to say hi over at:

Katie said...

Just wanted to say hi! Super cute blog!

Nicole said...

That sounds like such a super fun class trip! And you can send some rain our way, we're burning up here!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Consider yourself lucky! It hasn't rained here in this 100 heat for months! :)

AMY PALMER said...

I work with kids and I hear the "sick" excuse all the time when we are playing games. I find it quite amusing! Thanks for visiting Blank Pages.


Amy said...

Wellies?! Ahh you are too cute :) And I was greated by June, or I guess JULY gloom today too! No fun :(

Shawn said...

Thanks to Tropical Storm Betty that's what I saw when looking out of my wind for over a week. I'm so glad she's gone!

I love alone time, take advance of it!

I love that scarf!

Thanks for linking up with us!