Awkward, me???

Cardigan, trousers, shoes: Next. Top: H&M

Posing for pictures is definitely NOT my strong point!
As soon as the lens is pointing at me I become all stiff and forced,
I get all uncoordinated, have no clue what to do with my hands, face or body
and the photo's that follow are usually hopeless.

I wish I could be as elegant as Katie, but then I don't have her long killer legs
and confidence in front of the camera.
Cori's photo's are always amazing, she's such a natural and she's so pretty. Really wish
I could be as photogenic as her!

With me, this is what you get

Awkward doesn't even begin to describe it!

Please please please all you fashion bloggers tell me your secrets so that for once I can post
a decent photo on this little blog of mine!

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Impulsive Addict said...

I HATE posing for pics too! I feel your pain! I loved seeing all your pics! They are FUN! Don't be so hard on yourself!!! =) Have a great week!

Amy said...

Hahaha this post is too funny. I am SO awkward, too! I could definitely use some help in this area.

Just Me said...

And yet, you are loved all the more. Why not just give your poses and go with it? A lot of women will relate and respect your confidence. Let YOU shine. ;)

Melaina25 said...

No secrets other than just look at yourself in the mirror and twist and angle yourself to see how your body looks best :)