yummy scrummy strir fry

If you read my previous post you know that we had a stir fry for dinner
last night.
Let me tell you, it was goooooood!

I don't really have a recipe as I threw some stuff into a pan and hoped for the best,
but let me just recap what I did in case you want to try this out yourself.
You won't regret I promise.

I started out with chopping up some veggies

I chose mushrooms, a yellow pepper, spring onions, carrots and some broccoli.
I had all these in my fridge but really you can use whatever you like.

I then cut up three chicken breasts and stir fried the chicken in some sesame oil.
I like the sesame oil because it gives some oriental flavour but any oil would do.
Once browned I added all the veggies apart from the mushrooms,  oh and I also added some
crushed garlic and some soy sauce.

While the vegetables were softening I made some chicken gravy (about 150 ml) and then
added that to the chicken and veg. I also added the mushrooms and a spoon full of cornflour.
Finally I added about three table spoons of oyster sauce and a packet of cashew nuts.
I let it bubble for a few minutes.

And tadaaaaaa....

A yummy scrummy stir fry.


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Amy said...

This looks AMAZING! I've been slacking on my cooking lately, I need to get back in that kitchen and start mixing up my recipes again!