Our weekend #4

If I had to describe this past weekend in one word it would probably be "blah".
Not because the weekend was blah, far from it, it was just how I felt.
You see I hadn't been feeling well since Wednesday afternoon. It was one of those viruses you don't see coming, one minute you are absolutely fine and then BANG...horrible feverish cold.
By Friday it had well and truly got hold of me and I was sent home early from work. Normally I would treasure these extra few hours of weekend and get a head start on chores and washing, but not this time. I basically spent the rest of the day curled up under a blanket.

Normally I'm the first one awake on Saturday mornings, but when I came down Dylan was already up and had made himself breakfast and a drink. He's such a good boy.
Simon had to go to work so it was just me and the kids for the day.
I had a long list of chores in my head but not the energy to match. By late morning I actually did manage to polish and tidy up a little bit.
Emily did crafts for most of the day, she watched a video on you tube where someone made a house for their littlest pet shop toys and she wanted to make on of her own. We rummaged around a bit and found a decent sized cardboard box and some craft bits. 

 She did quite a good job so far I think. 
Dylan played wiiU in his room, and every now and then he came down to check if I was OK. He kept asking me if I needed a drink or something to eat and I felt really cared for.
I had made myself comfortable on the sofa with a blanket and a book, it was all I had energy for.

Emily was actually quite excited all day because she had a sleepover to go to. We packed her bag with everything she needed and wanted to take and when Simon got back from work he surprised her with some cute new pyjamas.  She was one happy girl.

 When evening came I started feeling better and I thought I'd actually turned a corner.
I hadn't. 
Sunday I felt even worse and on top of that I'd lost my voice! 
My husband joked it was going to be a quiet day.
Dylan got up early again, he'd made plans with a few friends to for a bug out.  Basically they spend the day outside in the woods behind his friends house doing camping and scouting and they always have a great time.  We picked Emily up by lunchtime and found out the girls only fell asleep around two in the morning! Naturally she was a bit tired in the afternoon, early bedtime it will be.
The afternoon has been quiet.  We watched a movie and ate cookies. 
I really didn't have the energy for anything more.
Right now there's a chicken in the oven and I really need to start prepping the vegetables and potatoes.  Dylan is back home and all played out. Emily is getting more inspiration for her littlest pet shop house by watching another video.  She should really do her homework instead!
Simon is watching some super hero movie.
the cat is asleep....I feel I should be too.


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