Our weekend #1

Oh hi there, remember me...the one who's neglected this blog for over a year? Seems I found my way back. I'll mainly be documenting our weekends for now. I did after all start this blog, so many years ago, as a way of holding on to family moments and memories and I can just image laughing and reminiscing with the kids in years to come when we look back at moments long forgotten, and although these weekend posts might not mean much to you, they mean the world to me.
Saturday started of slow. I really do like when the kids are on school holidays because the mornings are so uncomplicated. No rushed breakfasts, no looking for misplaced homework, no nagging because they are getting dressed too slowly, no nothing. This Saturday we all seemed to take even more advantage of that, knowing the madness would start again on Monday.
I was awake quite early, I say early but I really do consider 7.30 a lie in. I made myself a cup of coffee and enjoyed the quiet for a bit. Slowly but surely my little gang came down. Emily first and she immediately claimed the warm snuggly blanket and Dylan came down shortly after. The morning consisted of Spongebob cartoons and snuggles.
At around 9 Simon came down. He'd just received a message from his dad inviting us all out for an early birthday breakfast/brunch for his brother.
We were all quite excited and looking forward to a good breakfast instead of toast to be honest!
We ended up going to Frankie and Benny's and the food was delicious. Dylan had ordered a breakfast pizza and it was the best thing ever! It was nice for the family to be together again, Simons dad and younger brother travel a lot for their work, and with everybody being so busy over the festive period it was nice to all sit together and catch up on things.

Afterwards we took a quick trip to the shopping center to buy Dylan some new school shoes. It was so busy! I would have loved a walk around but it was way too crowded so off home we went.

As the afternoon went on it just got darker and darker until eventually the heavens opened and it rained for the rest of the weekend!

When we got home I decided to do a bit of a clear out in Emily's room. She's a real bookworm and we are forever buying her new books. She recently got into this book series called Warrior Cats and she's hooked! Good thing Santa brought her a few more. She read her first Warrior cat book back in September and she's now on the third series. Not bad if you consider that each series has SIX books!
Anyway, all these new books meant she was running out of space on her bookshelf. She still had so many of her baby and early reader books, and I was taken back in time for a moment, remembering first flicking through them and hearing her read her first words when she was tiny. Sentimental as they might be they had to be packed away....second hand books anyone?!
We kept some of her favorites though but her little shelf looks so much better now, and it even has space for my Harry Potter books, which since going to the Harry Potter studio's two weeks ago, she's also crazy about! Bookworm, I told you.
After all that sorting it was time for a bit of Trivial Pursuit. Is it just in my family the dad cheats? 
It was good fun but Dylan did find the questions quite hard.

Sunday was a quiet one!
I did a bit of tidying, sorting out and just pottered about getting things ready for Monday morning.
I think Emily was a bit jealous because Dylan has an extra day off school, yay, which means I'm home too on this rainy Monday, double yay!
In the afternoon I cleaned out the hamster cage and it's so funny watching her afterwards as she's all confused and trying the figure out where to hide her food this time around. It probably took her 20 minutes, with cheeks stuffed full of food, to decide where to store it all.
We also quickly popped around Simon's brother for a cup of tea, some cake and a chat and then home for dinner which was a delicious macaroni ham and cheese.
The evening came fast and before we knew it it was time for bed.
New work/school week...we are ready for you!

Oh and the cat...all he did this weekend was sleep.
Lazy boy!


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