our weekend #5

So this weekend was the one with all the cleaning.
I tend to do ninety percent of my housework over the weekend anyways but this Saturday I did a bit of a deep clean, tackling the kitchen and bathroom in particular. I scrubbed, bleached and polished until everything sparkled and shone. In between all that I also put in some washing, folded clothes away, received and put away a shopping delivery and mopped the conservatory. 

I never realised how fast time goes when you're cleaning until a rumbling stomach made me look at the clock and I was surprised to see it was nearly two!
Simon had left quite early that morning because he had to work and the kids had made themselves comfy on the sofa's. When their programmes had finished they had both migrated to their rooms but they too had rumbling tummies and came down asking for lunch.

These little milkshake drinks were quite the hit!
Milo remained very unfazed by all the cleaning and crafting going on, spending his Saturday afternoon "cat style".

This weekend it was Dylan's turn to go for a sleepover at his friend's house. We packed a little bag and he left just before three leaving just me and Emily. Emily had been very busy crafting. Last weekend she made a house for he Littlest pet shop animals and this weekend she made a new improved version.

How amazing does this look!
She's such a crafty little nugget.
We ended up having a movie night while munching on chocolate. I love cuddling with my girl.
 Over the past few months Dylan has entered that stage here he thinks everything I do is uncool or embarrassing so it's nice to still have Emily cuddle up to me and think I'm pretty amazing. I know one day she'll feel the same but hopefully by then Dylan will have realised that mum is actually not that bad...or so I hope. Teenagers eh!

Sunday was a lazy day, which was welcomed after the busyness of Saturday.
Dylan came home just after nine and he was exhausted. His first words when he walked through the door were "I only slept for three hours".
Needless to say he kept himself quiet all day, spending most of the time on his bed listening to music or watching videos. 
My sister in law, niece and nephew visited us in the morning and we had a lovely catch up. They are moving away to Oman in a few weeks time so it's nice to still be able to spend some time together. My little niece when straight up to go and play with Emily and she ended up staying until mid afternoon. It was so fun to hear the girls play. They started of playing pet shop but then they made up a game called mailbox and husky dog. They had taken over all the rooms upstairs and the hall was where the mailbox was. It was actually hilarious to listen to.
It all got a bit too hectic for the cat so he decided to go and hide in the only peaceful room in the house.

Simon headed to the kitchen and started rummaging around. I went to have a look at what he was doing and it turned out he was making cheese and bacon bread rolls.
They were beyond delicious!

After Simon had taken Nina back home I headed up to help Emily tidy up and I wish I had taken a photo! Yes, it was that bad.
Soon after it was my turn to rummage around in the kitchen and we had a roast followed by strawberry and cream meringues for our dinner.
It was all very good.
As usual the weekend went by way to fast.
Monday is just one sleep away.


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