The weekend

This weekend has been a quiet one, but nevertheless a good one.
You see, Simon was admitted to hospital last week with kidney stones and while he's waiting to pass them we didn't venture out too much
 Saturday morning we just pottered around the house and I noticed how many little chili peppers we have on our plant, I really should start using them.
It was quite sunny during the morning so perfect to spend some time in the garden and read my book. I'm really enjoying "the night circus" and would definitely recommend it. The kids played some games, although this was really Dylan playing on his DS and Emily nearly sitting on him to watch him, much to Dylans annoyance of course! Simon kept himself quiet inside and our cat was more
than happy to keep him company.
In the afternoon we went to Simon's brother for a BBQ and Emily and her cousins loved playing 
ice cream shop in uncle Stuarts garden house. Their ice creams were a pit pricey though, £10 for a single cone!
We started our Sunday off with a delicious cooked breakfast and it really must have been delicious since both my kids finished their plates, not too unusual for Dylan but very much so for Emily! Later that day Simon's brother came to our house and we cooked a delicious roast dinner together. In between there was a lot of colouring, playing games and watching movies and Dylan made some lovely drawings with his little cousin.
I can't wait to see what this new week brings but I am hoping Simon's kidney stones will pass soon!
Have a great week everyone.


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