I want to be the best dragon trainer!

About two weeks ago we went to see How to train your dragon 2 at the cinema and ever since
Emily has been obsessed with anything dragon.
She has been begging us to go to McDonald's so she can collect the dragons in the Happy Meals, she's been watching videos on You tube where people show their dragon toys, the official how to train your dragon toys are on her wishlist and we've been watching the first movie and the TV series quite A LOT.
It's been quite cute hearing her play because she always appoints herself to be Stormfly or Toothless, the two most important dragons. Even when she's watching the cartoons she always announces this, just so we know...and probably also so her brother can't claim to be that particular character! It's funny actually, she does this with all her favourite TV shows, at one point or another she will shout out "I am Raven" (Teen titans Go) or "I am Pikachu" (Pokemon).
So the other day she was doing some drawing and she told me she made a drawing of what she wants to be when she grows up.
I think It's an absolutely AMAZING drawing! Those dragons are beyond cute...and they've even got tiny little saddles :)
 I'm so proud of my little artist.
Not sure if she'll ever accomplish this dream but if there would suddenly be dragons in the future I just know she'd rock being a dragon trainer! Best one for sure.

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