Happy Easter

We had such a great Easter.
The day started early, earlier than usual, but the kids were just so excited and
couldn't wait to get down. They were so happy the Easter bunny visited us and
were really happy with all the goodies he brought.
Emily had been wanting a Rainbow Dash pony for some time now and she was beyond
happy when she found one in her basket.
Dylan's main gift was a new game he'd been asking for for a while
 and he couldn't wait to play it.
It really was a happy morning for them, but the fun wasn't over yet...
they both discovered an egg with a note inside hidden in their baskets,
 leading them on a crazy egg hunt where they had to
solve clues to eventually find a big chocolate Easter bunny.
They had so much fun and Emily kept screaming that it was the best Easter ever!
We had family over for Easter lunch,
and for dessert we had homemade chocolate cake
and it was


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Witha said...

OMG that is a homemade cake??
It looks really pretty