It was a bit windy!

So, the other day we went for a walk and as you can
tell from my wonderful was VERY windy.
Might have had to do with the fact we were on a hill, but hey, the views
were spectacular.
I have to thank my husband for NOT pointing out to me
that the wind was not only making my hair fly up, but also my shirt.
Strange that I never noticed this right?!
There are in fact too many photo's where my shirt is doing it's own
little wind dance and revealing my not so toned stomach area.
So yeah, thanks Simon!
Anyway, here are a few photo's.
No, not of my stomach....of the walk!
trying hard not to get blown away
All that wind made Emily a little chilly
Running to get through the "hole" first

The photo above reminds me that last summer we went geocaching a lot.
Have you ever done that?
If not you should so look into that.
It's fun for the whole family, outdoors and free.
My kiddies LOVE it.
Think I've just come up with what we are doing next weekend, yay.

Go and have yourself a fantastic Wednesday.
Happy 4th of July to all my friends and readers across the pond!

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Anonymous said...

I love the windy hair do. It's been so windy over here in New Zealand, but it's been raining to go with it! I love geocaching, we did a lot of it when I was on school camps :) Beautiful view, we have Mt Eden that is a few mins walk from our place, it's a hard walk up there but worth it for the beautiful view. Thanks for following me, I have followed back, enjoy the rest of your week!

Kimberly said...

I think your pictures came out great. Beautiful view.

Angela said...

Wow, what beautiful country! Nothing like wind in your hair, and up your shirt, lol. found you on the wednesday hop and am a new follower :) you're my first bloggy friend in England :)

Heather said...

Wow what gorgeous pictures - it looks like you live in a fairytale :)


Amy said...

I love the pics, even with the wind!

Susan Holt Simpson said...

That looks like a great day, even if it was so windy. That pic with the kids running toward the hole - SO COOL. A good start to a children's book maybe...

Becky said...

Haha looks like it was more than just a LITTLE windy! I love the pics...looks like you guys had a great walk.I would love to visit the english countryside someday.

I'm a new follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop. I love your blog' so simple and very sweet! Would love the follow back at my blog, Thanks :)

simona said...

these pictures of your hair flying are so cool, haha! and yes, why in the world do husbands not notice unflattering things when they take pictures? i suppose the nicest way of putting it is: they love us just the way we are, hair in the wind and not-so-tan bellies :)

Dawn said...

Hi! Following back from the hop.
Lovin' the windblown look and that you can be wearing jeans in July without melting.