Coffee morning at my house, you are invited!!

Let's pretend we are all sitting in my living room,
having some coffee (or whatever else you'd like).
What would we say to each other?

Here's what I would say

I am so proud of my kiddies.I felt really guilty when we moved and took them out of
school and away from their friends. They have settled so well into their new
school, have started making new friends and the teachers are very pleased with
them. Their school work is just brilliant and they couldn't make me any
prouder even if they tried.

I would let you know about my husband. How strong he is and how
proud I am, even if he is getting on my nerves (a bit) at the moment! Haha.
I would show you a photo of the wendy house he build for the kids, all by himself!
Shoot, who needs a photo if you are in my living room, we'd go out into the garden and I'd show you,
I'd probably even make you go in it :)

I would tell you that I might have a new job soon! I went
and registered with and agency and they were very interested in my language
skills. Even though I feel excited about possibly going back to work soon, I feel scared.

I would probably swoon about foreign countries and holidays.
Everyone seems to be going somewhere exciting and warm and I'm just
stuck here. I want to go on a beach holiday and soak up the sun, drink cocktails at night
and just relax for a bit.

By now we'd probably be eating some cake as well

Looks good no?!
But on to the conversation...

I would tell you I am getting a bit fed up with my hair. I'm thinking
of having a restyle....maybe a fringe cut? Seems to be the rage these days.
Maybe I should just get some new curling thongs, but then I am so not handy
using them, at all!

We'd probably chat about stuff on the TV. One of the shows I love
at the moment is called "Revenge". Anyone else watching it?
Oh, and while we are on the subject books would come up as well.
I'm reading the second 50 shades at the moment, I would then show you a
previous post I did on Mr Grey

I would talk to you about my crazy friends and how I miss them.
Can't wait to meet up with them again soon. I feel I am
really missing out on all the juicy gossip.

I would tell you I need to get back onto that treadmill.

I'd possibly show you around my house (future post idea!)

When you have finished all the coffee and cake I would thank you for coming
and ask when we can do this again.

Linking up with these lovely ladies who are welcome for coffee any time



Jenny Bardsley said...

Sounds like a great "coffee talk" morning!! I would love to join you :)
~Cassandras Corner

Anonymous said...

LOL I like this little scenario. :)

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Yum! I will definitely take my morning coffee with some cake :)

Big Apple Mami said...

that cake looks amazing and yum on the coffee!! Thanks for the follow! Happy to follow you back! xoxo

VandyJ said...

Having coffee sounds wonderful. I'd have to limit myself to one cup, but the conversation would be relished!

Impulsive Addict said...

So, since I hate coffee and love me some cake, can we sub out coffee for Captain? I don't have an issue drinking that early in the morning if you don't. You could add some Bailey's to your coffee or something! ;) Sounds perfect!

Amy said...

That first picture is so cute! And the cake looks deeelicious! I love Revenge too! I'm a bit behind, but I'll catch up shortly :)

Unknown said...

hi from the gfc hop!


have a good night!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

LOVE this post! So cute! I want to come sit in your living room with you! :)

Shawn said...

Daisy, I'd love to come for coffee and a piece of that delicious looking cake.

I'd hold my own with the conversation about Mr. Grey and Revenge. I'd also brag a little about my girls and hubby too. I think we would be great friends!

Thanks for linking up with us!

Anonymous said...

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