Back to healthy eating I go

I love the summery weather we are having these days.
I love that I can wear skirts, dresses, shorts and sleeveless tops.
Maybe I shouldn't.

The summery weather made me realise I forgot all about the good
intentions I made at the beginning of the year, especially the one
about losing weight.

Dresses I had bought in the beginning of the year with the intention of
fitting into them are a bit too tight and let's not even talk about the white
cropped pants I bought that I can't even fit into.
What a disappointment.


What better time to change my ways and get back on the healthy waggon.
I weighed myself Monday morning and have been eating healthy ever since.
Let's hope there will be some change in the numbers on the weighing scale next Monday.

This morning started out with an Oat so Simple, raspberry and pomegranate flavour, yummy.
I added some frozen fruits and have to say it was very delicious.

Lunch consisted of a tomato soup and some crackers with
cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes.
Not bad at all.

For dinner tonight I'm making a healthy meatball pasta.
Do you hear alarm bells ringing? Pasta and meatballs?!
I know.
I plan to have a big salad and limit my usual big portion of pasta AND meatballs.
The thing is that I am not just cooking dinner for myself but also for my husband and
two young kiddies. Don't think they'd be impressed if I would give them
a bowl of salad every day.
family friendly meals it is but with a healthy twist.

Exercise is another thing I need to get back into.
Time to start my running plan up again
and I'm off to do that right now.
Time to get sweaty.

Have a great Wednesday my friends!


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Amy said...

I need to get back to healthy eating too! It's just so hard, isn't it?! But we can do it!! Happy Healthy Eating!