Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Last Sunday we decided to put up our Christmas tree, something Emily was VERY excited about.
She proved to be a fantastic little helper and carefully hung all her favorite ornaments.
Dylan on the other hand was far too busy. Who wants to decorate a tree when you can play with Lego anyway! Boys...
Every year the kiddies get a special new ornament. Dylan got a festive hedgehog, which he loved and immediately found a good place for...and that was his ONLY contribution to the tree.
Emily's special ornament this year was a cute robin, needless to say she loved it.
Normally we have a star at the top of our tree but this year Emily made an angel in Rainbows and she asked so nicely if it could go on the top that we just couldn't resist.
Awww look how pretty your angel looks...
Tadaa, the finished product, I think we did a great job!

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