Merry Christmas

We celebrated Christmas at Simon's mums house this year.
The kiddies were very excited, as you can imagine...but a bit worried. They hoped Santa would find his way to nana's house.
They put up their stockings before bedtime, and a plate with a mince pie, apple and a glass of milk for Santa and Rudolph.
I was put in charge of making the Christmas cake, instructions were a bit confusing! It turned out lovely though.
As you can see Santa did find his way, they were so excited! Notice the dark was SO EARLY, that's what Christmas does to kid sleeps in on that day!
Happily unwrapping.They were very pleased with what Santa brought.

More present unwrapping when their aunties and uncles arrived, they are so lucky!
The Spratleys at Christmas. I love how it looks like Lilly's got cute.
Emily playing with her new toys, Dylan engrossed in his new game and me doing my motherly duties of getting toys out of boxes. Seriously, they really know how to tie toys to the boxes these days, it takes forever to get them out.
Merry Christmas! Hope yours was as much fun as ours!

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