Happy birthday Dylan!

Yesterday Dylan turned 8! How did that come around so fast?! One minute he's a cute little baby with funny hair, the next a handsome 8 year old...time flies! In the morning he opened his presents and was very happy to find out we DID buy him Skylanders (all week we'd been teasing him saying the shops had run out and we hadn't been able to buy it anywhere). Cruel I know, hahaha!Later that morning the family arrived and Dylan got spoilt with more really nice presents! Thanks so much everyone! He also had three of his best friends over and we all went out to Pizza Hut for lunch. After Pizza Hut we had birthday cake (chocolate sponge cake with vanilla butter cream, made by me!). Dylan really wanted a Moshi monster cake this year and I think it turned out really well, what do you think? Not to brag or anything but it was DELICIOUS.
Finally there was a pinata...which just didn't want to break (apart from the head coming half off). After about a hundred hits by the kids we had them all hold a leg and just tear the thing apart. Seriously, I've never seen kids pick up things from the ground that fast, if only they could do the same when it's tidy up time for toys.
To top it off we went to a pantomime in the evening. Ferneham Hall was playing "Beauty and the beast", it was so much fun! Dylan had a fantastic birthday!!!

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