30 day shred

I have finally decided to try out this 30 day shred I've heard so much about.

I was browsing through our holiday photo's and so many of them made me cringe,
all the ones I am in to be more precise!
You see I'm fat. Oh and I'm short. And I've got big breasts.
None of which work in my favour for looking slim.
but basically, I'm fat.
I could go on...and you could tell me I look fine...and we might just leave it at that.
But the truth is I don't feel fine.
I don't feel fine about the fact my jeans feel tight, or about the fact that lately I have to unbutton them when I sit down.
I also don't feel fine about being out of breath when I have to walk up the stairs quite fast...or speed walk after my kids when they cycle to school.
My wobbly arms and jelly belly...don't feel fine about them either.
And I definitely don't feel fine about that number on the weighing scale.

So yes. I'm doing the 30 day shred.

So far I've (only) done 3 days and it's HARD!!!

It's only 20 minutes a day. Not long at all.
But oh boy does Jillian make you work, sweat and feel pain!
There are three different levels to this workout and the idea is that you do ten days of each level.
Each level is circuit based with a mixture of cardio, strength and abs.
I'm finding it hard at the moment, the cardio especially is getting to me, even though it's only (ONLY) two minutes at a time. I'm hoping it will get better as the days go by and I'm hoping I will be able to do it without having to stop to catch my breath.

I woke up on day 2 feeling quite sore everywhere! Lifting my coffee cup in the morning was hard, today wasn't much better.
  A sign of a good workout I guess.
Soon I'll feel stronger, healthier and hopefully slimmer for it!

Here's what I looked like after day 1 of the shred.
A hot sweaty mess.
Have you done the 30 day shred, thinking of doing it or have got any tips? I'd love to hear from you. 
Support is more than welcome.


Evelien said...

My only tip is: breastfeeding! Hahaha :)
I think I'll breastfeed forever!! In the first 6 months I easily lost 2kg per month, now it's about 1kg. And I'm still eating (a lot) and not moving enough.

yeah, it'll backfire when I stop and then I'll have to do the 30day shred but I guess it'll have to be 365day shred ;)

Good luck though!! If you don't feel comfortable with your body you should totally go for it. You can do this!

oh now I think of it, I do have a tip: weigh yourself once a week at the same hour and write it down! If you lose 200g a week your mind will make you feel like you're not losing anything but if you can look back on what you've been losing over several weeks, you'll see what's really happening :)

Unknown said...

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