Thoughts on my baby turning 10....

Next week this adorable squishy boy is turning 10 and I still can't believe it!
Time has gone way too fast and I just want to bottle him up and keep him like this forever.
I mean 10,
that's two numbers, not just one anymore.
I know I'm supposed to be excited for his birthday, and I am, but I'm also a little bit sad.
Sad that most of his childhood is behind him now.
Sad for those moments long gone when he was just a little boy and I was the centre of his universe.
Sad for all the afternoons I spend at the park with him, watching his little legs run up and down the steps of the climbing frame.
Sad for the way he used to sit on my lap and cuddle after nap time.
Sad for the mornings he used to crawl in bed with us and fall asleep again on my arm.
Sad for those moments I'll never get back.
At the same time I'm also quite excited to see the person he is growing into.
I'm so so proud of him!
He's so generous, sensitive, funny, caring and has such a good heart.
Thinking ahead of the years to come, the dreaded teenage years, scare me and I'm not even sure why.
I know he will turn into an amazing person, no doubt about that.

These first ten years have been beyond amazing!
I just wish time wasn't going so quickly and I could keep him little for just a teeny bit longer.

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