A fave a day

It's that time of year again where I can be found looking for exciting goodies on the Internet, more than any other time of year. I seem to constantly be browsing, pinning and exploring different websites and often find amazing things to add to my wish list, feel inspired or maybe perfect gifts for friends or family....or something that is just so cool it has to be blogged about.
This all gave me the idea that I could share some of these great finds with you right here on my blog.
We all like to be inspired right!
I will show you one of my amazing finds a day and have been thinking about what could be the best way to go about this and I have come to the conclusion that categorising might be the easiest.
Monday will be "accessories"
Tuesday will be "outfits"
Wednesday will be "beauty"
Thursday will be " home decoration"
Friday will be " enrichment"
Saturday will be "food"
Sunday will be "entertainment"
I will keep this going for the whole of December....or at least try ( we all know how epically I failed to keep my get ready for Christmas series going, whoopsie)
Original image here
Please do join curious mind would love to know all your current favourites.
See you all tomorrow for the first instalment, I'm so excited!

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