A day out in Canterbury

Over the weekend one of my lovely friends came to visit and we decided spend a day out in Canterbury.
 Although I go quite regularly, Canterbury being the closest big town for some good shopping, I 
never really hit the touristy places. 
Sure, I walk past the cathedral every time, but it's been at least 15 years since I've actually went in. Due to the Sunday service taking place we didn't have the chance to visit the inside of the cathedral but we did spend a good amount of time exploring the grounds, gardens and crypt. It truly is a fabulous place.

We then continued strolling through town and taking in all the sights and we ended up by the canal where Emily begged us to go on a boat ride. The sky was looking rather grey at that time so we decided not to which made Emily quite sad. I can't blame her for wanting to go on the canal boats, it all looked very idyllic.

I foresee another trip to Canterbury very soon...on a day when no rain is forecast so my little Emily 
 can finally go on that much wanted boat ride


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