This week I will...


Hello Monday!
I can't believe you showed up so quickly again!
You are no doubt the start of another very busy week.
The kids are in their last week of Easter holiday and I so wish we could spend a bit more time together as a family. Simon and I both work and we've been a bit of a tag team during these holidays.
As soon as one of us comes home from work the other one leaves.
It's a good thing we both have reasonable flexible hours.
I do want to make the holidays as fun as I can,
so this week I will...

Put some more effort into making breakfast fun. I'm thinking pancakes, waffles and toast with faces. Anything to make my little ones smile first thing in the morning!

Get the craft box out so Emily can start her homework project.

Clean out my wardrobe (seriously overdue!).

Take the kids to the park.

Finish part 1 of my online course for work.

Play boardgames with the kids.

Buy some last minute Easter bits and bobs.

Paint my nails and wear perfume every day.

Try and sit out in the garden while reading my book.

Bake some cookies or cupcakes with the kids.

Take the kids to the beach for a walk and some rock pooling.

Call a friend and have a good old catch up.

Have a movie night and cuddle up with the kids.

Eat more fruit.

Take more photo's

Give lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses.

Looks like it will be a busy week!

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