Wow moment

Yesterday Emily came home from school with a "Wow moment bracelet".
How exciting.
She was so proud of herself for getting this and told me all about why she got it.

Let me just explain this first.
In her class they have a reward chart.
In the morning everyone starts off on orange.
Whenever the kiddies are good and work hard they get to move themselves up onto green.
All the way at the top is "the wizard" and each day a different wizard child gets chosen to receive the "wow moment" bracelet.
There is also red on the chart.
No one wants to go on red, red is bad.

So back to Emily
Yesterday she did some EXCELLENT writing.
 She wrote a card to her teacher inviting her to her next birthday party. You can't say my girlie isn't organised considering her next birthday isn't until September.
So, my daughters lovely handwriting = impressed teacher = wow moment.

I am one happy and extremely proud mummy!

showing her bracelet

Love you my munchkin!

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