Our weekend in a nutshell

                                                  I can't believe how fast the weekend has gone by.
                                                                 We've had a really good time.

On Saturday Emily started a new dance class. She's been asking for a while now if she can go dancing. One of her friends goes on a Saturday so I asked her mum if we could go with them and check it out. She absolutely loved it and the fact her little friend goes made it even better. They learnt a little routine and at the end they performed it for the mums and dads, nothing big, just a few moves, but she did excellent!

Saturday evening she went to the Rainbows masquerade ball. We dressed her up in her princess dress and she wanted to wear her cat mask.
didn't she look pretty!
She was so excited about dressing up for the ball, and of course
she had an amazing time at the party.

While she was at the ball we had Dylan all to ourselves so we asked
him what he wanted to do.
We all played a game on the Wii together. (no surprise there)
Dylan LOVES the Wii!

After the game we had an amazing dinner made by Simon.
Roasted butternut squash with a red onion relish (yummy!),
salad and roast chicken.
It was sooooo good.
(Simon, just so you know, I will be expecting this EVERY Saturday now!)

Today we took a little excursion to the play park
by the beach.
It was a little cold but the kids were too
busy running around to notice.
We met up with a friend and had a hot chocolate.
It was so nice to be out!

Before going home we went for a walk on the beach and
threw some pebbles in the water.
there were loads of people on the beach, most of them
playing with their kids or dogs, or just sitting
reading a book.
There was a guy on a jet ski doing crazy things
and some windsurfers in the distance.
All in all busy for January!

I invited my friend and her kiddies back to our
house and we made some chocolate chips
cookies that were to die for!
Seriously, I'm talking cookie heaven here!

After that the kids played with their friends and had a
great time....until it was time for them to go.
Emily wasn't happy, let's just keep it at that.

kiddies are now in bed, sound asleep smelling of
soap and watermelon shampoo.
Ready for school in the morning.
Think I might go and kiss their little heads.


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I haven't seen the sea yet,dreaming of doing that ...maybe this summer...:)and can we go to cookie heaven?:)
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